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«UK firm walks away with Portuguese footbridge»
26 February, 2010 -
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Powell-Williams Architects has beaten 17 local architects to win a competition to build a pedestrian bridge (pictured) in Aveiro, Portugal.

The £490,000 structure, which will cross the city’s central canal, is part of a four-year redevelopment of the city, which is known as the Venice of Portugal for its network of waterways.

The firm, working with engineer Buro Happold, has designed a 30m by 5.5m walkway, with 50m-long approach ramps. It will be built using precast, pre-stressed concrete. Both main spans and ramps will be carried on cantilevered piers behind the canal walls.

The piers will also serve as staircases to provide multiple access points to the bridge.

Work is to start in mid-2010 and complete next year.

(via Amigos D'Avenida)

50 metros de rampa. 20 degraus com 16 cm cada=3,20 metros de altura. A paisagem vai mudar. Vantagem: na próxima batalha das flores não será necessária a montagem das gruas.

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pancho disse...

Acho que fazia falta uma passagem naquele sitio .

Pepe disse...

Acho que não faz falta uma passagem ali, até pelo custo, desnecessidade e impacto visual.